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Re: Oil leak from head gasket / oil filtration

At 11:05 PM 10/7/97 GMT, you wrote:
>In message <9710071918.AA03468@aztek-eng.com> DeWitt Harrison writes:
>> To which Phil added:
>> >
>> >Get a refridgerator door seal from your local council tip, strip out the 
>> >magnet and wrap it round the filter.  Secure it with a large Jubilee hose 
>> >clip.  Audi fits a magnet as standard inside some rear differentials.
>> Clever, clever, provided the oil filter shell is _not_ a ferromagnetic
>> material such as _steel_. 
>>[ ... ]
>> OTOH, magnets are certainly used as Phil states. These work
>> because the magnet protrudes into the oil reservoir without (magnetic)
>> obstruction. When the transmission or differential housing is aluminum,
>> so much the better. The jam jar "demo" would, of course, work
>> perfectly. Ya just gotta have nothing but admiration for good snake oil
>> marketeers.
>Over here, I think you can still get magnetic drain plugs.

Here too. They work especially well in transmissions and diffs
which lack filters to trap steel particles.

>But - let's be fair.  If it doesn't work, my version has still cost zip.

That's true. Plus you would do a service by rendering another
dangerous abandoned refrigerator harmless.

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