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Re: Snows

At 08:54 AM 10/8/97 +0000, Ramana wrote:
>I have the Yoko Gaurdex 600s- 205/60-15 on my KOOP Q. They, I have been
>told, are the middle ground between the Blizzaks and the Pirellis. They
>don't (and shouldn't) come any where near my other tires (235-40-17
>Nitto NT-501) in street grip, but they work great for the occasional
>Rally weekend or RallyCross (this coming weekend!!!) I have had no
>experience with any other tires in the snow, but rumor has it to
>maintain the best "dry" grip with snows, go for the Pirellis... then
>again... they are about 50% more than the Yoko's...
OK, but how are the Yokos in the snow and particularly ice???  I considered
the Yokos but had no direct info on this, so I bought Nokia 1s with studs
this year.

Ralph Poplawsky
'91 200TQ (Faster in snow than most of those s---boxes are in the dry)