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Starter woes

Hi guys,

The 5k wagon won't turn over, just a faint click from the starter.  
Cracking my new
Bentley, terminal 30 on the starter showed 12V but terminal 50 on 
starter (from ignition
switch) was dead with key in start position.  So I dove into the dash, 
tested the ignition
switch, no juice.  Aha, I've found the culprit so I buy another 
ignition starter switch,
swap it, no dice.  I also swapped the starter relay in the fusebox with 
another one,
no luck.  So after much swearing (it's a long story but the car is 
stuck in the street
in front of house) I finally wrestled the starter from its reluctant 
owner and I'm going to
bench test it tomorrow to see if I can have it rebuilt locally.

If the starter or solenoid is not the problem, any other suggestions 
would be most
welcome.   (yes, I checked the obvious, the battery is fully charged)  
I'm afraid to even
ask what a new starter costs for an Audi.

(I've had to remove the harness bar out of the 911, strip one of the 
rear jump seats,
sandwich the baby seat back there and play taxi dropping my wife to work and
kid to school in this loud, obnoxious street-legal racecar with all the minivan
mommies glaring at me.    At times like these, I almost break down and go buy
a new car just for the peace of mind of my wife.)

p.s. found best deal on 5k Bentley was $99 at www.barnesandnoble.com, in stock.

Thanks for any input,

Steve Jagernauth   jagernauth_stephen@bns.att.com
'87 5k x 2 both suffering from same malady, strangely enough
'74 911/3.0