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Re: 200TQ sighting

Vytautas Reipa wrote:
> This Sunday, while on a walk in D.C.,I saw a very nice-looking red 200
> Turbo Quattro parked near the White House. The car had front German license
> plates. The windows were tinted and the car looked like it had been washed
> and waxed recently. It looked incredible. Windows tinted, etc. A Q-lister
> perhaps?

Off course it is! :):) 
Masta bin a really bright sunny day, coz I washed it 3 weeks ago and waxed it 3 
mos ago. Then again, those PITA Tornado Red Quattros do look decent if well cared 
for. Thanks for the kind words, Vytautas. :)

That day the Q did not even have the infamous red 16" MOMO Ferraris fitted (due 
to the worn down to the cord 3 y/o SP8000). I am currently running on the OEM 15" 
BBS shod with 195/65/15 Nokia NRW.

I've taken a 3 week time-out from the list. An old friend of mine and his wife
came to visit me here Stateside for the first time in nearly 10 years, so I was
entertaining them full time. This past Sunday we decided to visit Washington, DC
where evidently got busted by the omni-present watchfull eye of the Q-list ;)

Since there were several topics on the snows and their A4TQ application posted
recently, here's some of my own experience and future considerations:

1. The '98 A4TQ will arrive on 7 spoke 16" optional OEM alloys, with 205/55/16
2. The 16x7.5" MOMO Ferraris off the '89 200TQ will get the OEM 205/55/16 SP8000
off the '98 A4TQ.
3. The OEM off the A4TQ will get the 205/55/16 Hakka 1.
4. The new 16x7.5" MOMO Arrows allready got 225/50/16 SP8000 mounted and are
awating in the basement. BTW, they DO NOT clear the flared(!) fenders of my 200.

All of these elaborate efforts should result in:

5. The 200TQ getting MOMO Ferraris with 205/55/16 SP8000 for summer.
6. The 200TQ allready having OEM BBS with 195/65/15 Nokia NRW for winter.
7. The A4TQ getting  MOMO Arrows with 225/50/16 SP8000 for summer.
8. The A4TQ getting 16" OEM with 205/55/16 Hakka 1 for winter.

The only thing I lament is...the 16" OEM wheels, that come with the Sport pkg on
my '98 A4TQ. I wish I could use narrow (and waaay cheaper) 195/65/15 Hakkas,
rather than the wanna-be-low profile (and ~$25/wheel more expensive 205/55/16)
Please, no wise a$$ offers to exchange them for a used set of OEM Ronals off a
'84 5ks :)
For those of you who posted direct questions to me during the last month or so:
I will answer all of them in the next couple of days. Just give me some time to
surf through more than 1000 msgs.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ - 18psi (TAP)
'98 A4TQ - allready in the Boston port. Any day now.
Philadelphia, PA