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Re: V8 Brakes

Thanks to everyone for their response V8 brakes.
Phil questions how i intend to get AofA to provide any warranty work on an 8
year old car.
I'm not sure how I would go about that. I'm hoping for a lot of good will.
This is my 4th Audi. However after reading the responses i'm not sure at this
point I want to do the conversion. the vibration is subtle at best and
doesn't bother me. However if & when i have to replace the rotors i''ll want
to the "right" job.
With respect to the weight savings. The conversion that Audi did on the V8
under the service bulletin changed not only the brake assembly but the front
struts and many other suspension components as well. I saw this documented in
a letter written to Autoweek back in 1990. If I can find the letter I'll pass
it on. The author of that letter added that it improved the performance of
the car.
Because I'm new to the qlist i'm not familiar with many of the acronyms that
are used. When refering to the brakes, what does UFO mean? 
Thanks again for all the responses

Bernie Dubin
'90 v8
'93 Miata (A great roadster!)
'91 MPV