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FS: '90 Coupe quatro - now it's time to say goodbye...

Hi all,

Well, I found an S6 for sale and I think I'm going to jump on it. Unfortunately, I have to sell the Coupe to do it.

Here are the specs:

1990 Coupe quattro
89,500 miles
Second owner - All Audi Dealer serviced until I bought the car w/ 63k miles
Black / Tan Leather interior
Cold weather package
Medium tinted windows
All common accessories - power windows, locks, seats, mirrors, etc.
Heated seats, locks, washers, mirrors, etc.

I have had the car for 1 1/2 years. I purchased the car in Houston, Texas and brought it to my home in Akron, Ohio. I added Eibach springs and Boge Turbo Gas shocks 10,000 miles ago, it has brand new Pirelli P6000 Sport Veloce tires on stock Speedline wheels.

New parts include brake master cylinder, auxiliary radiator and all the common tune up items. I change the oil between 3 - 5000 miles with Mobil 1, except the last change which I used Castrol Syntec. 

Modified Stereo - Blaupunkt head unit and trunk-well mounted changer, Infinity Kappa speakers in dash, doors and rear. All factory       	locations, appears stock other than head unit. Very stealthy and superb sound.
Gorgeous black, always Zymol waxed, with the tinted windows the car is very strikingly black.
All power equipment works and all lights still light inside.
Leather in perfect shape.
Car does not look it's age, I have people stop and ask me if it's the new A4 Coupe and similar questions. Kinda nice to say, nope, it's 6 years old and look at their faces.

6" dented area just below the left rear taillight and above bumper, noticeable, not attention grabbing
Typical Speedline wheels clearcoat delaminating / crazing
Broken fog light lenses

Overall, my baby. I think I am realistically pricing it at $11,500. 

I would like to see this go to a lister who will appreciate it. It really is a smooth, quiet solid ride and I'll be sorry to see it go. But, that green S6 is calling . . . 

Any replies to: blood@mindspring.com

'90 Coupe q
'84 Jeep Scrambler
Waiting on that '95 S6....