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Re: Starter woes - solved

Just a quick follow-up.  The starter bench-tested fine outside the car but
would not kick over when the terminals were bridged on the car.  I noted the
terminals were all cruddy and rusty, cleaned them  with a wire wheel including
the bolts and starter body which grounds to the car and it started right up.

Well, you live and learn, on to car#2.  What are the odds of this happening
to both 5ks at the same time!  I guess both being 10 years old has something
to do with it.
p.s. to anyone removing the starter on a 5k, there is another bolt on top which
you can't see.  I had to use a mirror and flashlight to see it 
(partially due to
working on the car in the street with no way to jack it up).  Also a love tap
with a hammer helped loosen it from the crud.


Steve Jagernauth  jagernauth_stephen@bns.att.com
'87 5ktqw - nice shiny starter
'87 5kt
'74 911/3.0