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Re: '87 5KCSQ rear bushing advise needed

Sheffield Corey wrote:
> Hi Gang,

> lookin' for the source of the noise. My mechanic said he thought it was the
> large bushing at the rear of the trap. arm, but I found that the strap that<snip>

I replaced those huge 443 511 523 A $33/ea bushing, while chasing the elusive rear 
clunk, which occured only when:
a) accelerating AND
b) going over the *laying politzei* AND
c) on a car loaded with passengers and their luggage

It did not help.

> for a few days I thought I was in good shape. But an extra person or two brings
> the "clunking" back with a vengence. A search of the archives for "rear
> bushings" brought back nothing of real use except that there may be two
> different bushings for the same application and the older of the two may be
> preferable; and something about one bushing costing $200.00, but the other one
> is only $9.00. I've spoken with Bro' Chris at Autobahn and he says that they
> swap out the whole trap. arm and do not R+R the bushings. Now I know from my
> Bentley that there are two different trap. arms for the later 5 KCSQ's and they
> are not interchangable. My May of '87 car would use the newer of the two.

There are two front *supports* (huge front *horse-shoe* cast iron things, that secure 
the front of the RR control arm to the body via studs, welded to the body).
They may be of either of two styles: a two-stud  (on my 200) or a three-stud piece 
(for a V8-?).

Bentley shows it to be a one piece thing. And so does the appropriate fiche. Dealer 
askes ~$200/ea. $400 total - (good business) =8)
However, a blown-up view on their computer parts DB shows two bushings as subparts of 
the *horse shoe*. P/n  443 511 247 D, ~$10/ea. $40 total - (good payoff for doing some 
home work) ;^)

1) chisel out the first one out of two.
2) press out the second one (opposite-facing).
3) press in the first new one.
4) press in the second one (opposite-facing). While pressing in it is imperative that 
you secure the housing by the cast iron body and NOT by the newly installed bushing, 
now matter how attractive this idea looks.
5) install NEW (!) nuts p/n N 902 840 03 $2/ea. They have a ribbed mating surface and 
are definetely a one shot deal.

Those new bushings have effectively ended the clunking from the RR susp.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ - 18psi (TAP)
'98 A4TQ - already in the port of entry (Boston). Any day now.
Philadelphia, PA