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Re: Hella and the 1986 80

Michael Williams writes:
> Hey all,i  jsut got in the mail the Hella catalogue.  In it they have 
> some pretty cool stuff, but the only thing that appears to be compatible 
> with my 4000Q is the rear tail light thing that they hvae for production 
> dates until 9/86.  I am confused.  In Europe, the 80, which is the 4000 
> here, is it not, was changed for the 87 model year? is that when Europe 
> got what became the 80 and 90 here?  If so, then damn..hehe

As usual, Europe got the then "new" 80/90 one year before we did in
the States.  The model change was 87 in Europe, 88 in U.S.

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