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Re: 80/90 options info needed...MY '88/'89

Hairy green toads from Mars made Autobahn01@aol.com say:

> So my boss was needling me the other day about driving a "vintage" Audi. He'd
> just bought a '94 90 with 21k on it last week...He was wondering why I hadn't
> stepped into a later model car with so many available cheaply these days. I
> replied that I hadn't found the styling exciting enough to justify the jump.
> I commented that I'd only had one 80/90 car slide through my fingers that I'd
> wished I'd bought. It was a pretty '88 80q in pearl white with jaquard satin
> q-logod interior. Really nice looking combo! 
> As I reminisce(sp?), it seems I haven't seen another one of these in the
> following year and a half. Unusual in my line of work... So, my question is:
> Anybody own one of these out there? Anybody seen one? Did Audi just have some
> q-logo interior left over from the '87 4000q special run, or was that
> interior an option all year long?

When I was Q shopping, I test-drove a '90 90Q20V with this interior.
They called it "Q-script", and it definitely was a Jacquard Satin,
not the standard cloth seats you find.

Unfortunately, the car was black, with black (excuse me, "charcoal")
interior, no ski sack, 19 months on the lot as "new", and had these
wonderful 175-70-14 Goodyear Invicta tires on it. Kinda compromised
the handling :-)

Oh, and they wanted *way* too much money for it.

But, this interior does exist; I sat in one.


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