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Re: Audi screwed my order, was 1.8T wheels for sale

As far as I remember, cars have always shown up with the equipment shown on
the factory order bank.  Certainly cars have (rarely) been built with wrong
equipment, but they have either been ordered wrong, or if the factory has
changed the order, the dealer (us) could track the changes, and they WILL
show a couple of weeks before the production date.  At that time, if we've
caught it, the order can be forced to have the right equipment, but the
date of production will be pushed back a week or two.  The question is,
therefore, if the dealers in the US have the same/similar link with the
factory as we have here, could the dealer not see that certain production
option codes were missing, or did the car arrive at port and just not have
the equipment the build sheet, and for that matter, the vehicle information
sticker in trunk/service booklet gives for said vehicle.  If the latter is
the case, it's a new one to me.  If it is the former, INMHO someone should
have caught it in time to either make a change or order another vehicle,
causing at the most a couple of weeks delay.

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland

> From: TWSOUTH@mumr2.mid.muohio.edu
> To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: Re: Audi screwed my order, was 1.8T wheels for sale
> Date: 9. lokakuuta 1997 14:58
> I may refuse delivery, but then what?  There are no available cars
> to purchase?  Audi has a seller's market, and they are taking advantage 
> of it.  This was AUDI's fault not the dealer.
> Tim South