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More Good News

The Audi gods are saving up for me...because I have more good news 

For the past month, we've been having brake light warnings on our 
1990 200.  I put a bomb on it about two years ago, and was frustrated 
because it might be going out - but I also noticed that the light was 
an on/off deal not related to engine RPM.

I chatted with the inimitable Igor Kessel and he agreed that flushing 
the Pentosin was worth a try....as I thought I might have small 
particles of debris in the hydraulic fluid, perhaps keeping the check 
valve from closing.

So last night, I flushed the fluid.  I first released the pressure - 
and the pedal took over 40 pumps before the pressure assist 
dissappeared completely!  Then I disconnected the low pressure 
return line (2 min. to jcak up, 90 seconds to take line loose...) and 
drained the fluid  - also disconnected the coil and power output from 
the coil and cranked the engine over about five turns, just to flush 
a bit more fluid out of the system...but not to drain it completely.

On refilling the system, the warning light is GONE.  I mean like 
REAL gone, man!  With the engine idling, it takes 8 fast pumps of the 
brake pedal to make the brake light come on.  Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

So - the moral of the story - Igor was right (as usual).  Flushing 
that hydraulic fluid periodically is a Good Thing.

I will simply enjoy this state of bliss as long as it lasts.

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