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'98 1.8T order screw up - the dealer

thanks for all of the response and support of my situation.  The dealership
involved in this screw-up is Northland Porsche-Audi in Cincinnati OH.  Overall
they seem to be a fair dealership, but my salesman lacked some knowledge I 
thought he should know.  For instance, when I was notified of the '98 interior
changes, he knew nothing of any other option changes for '98.  I had to call
another dealer to get the info.  They were discounting off of MSRP more than
any other dealer in the area.  Most wanted MSRP for the cars.  I guess the 
discount is given for imcompetence in other areas.  I will try to negotiate
to have sport shocks and springs installed (and maybe the wheels, tires, and
steering wheel too.)  If they can do this I may take the car.

Thanks again, Tim South