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Re: 5KCSTQ Starter problems

Luevano, Paul wrote:
> QList-
>         Seems like there is trend happening here.  The starter on my '87 5KCSTQ
> failed on me.  Turn the key and get _nada_, not a click ir a wirl.
>         The battery is fully charged, and the car will start right up when it
> is bump started.  With the ignition either on or off, I'm only getting
> ~1v at the jumper terminal.  Nothing at the starter.  Hmm.
>         Decided to pull the starter anyway and bench test it.  Bently doessn't
> say much on removing the starter, but it looked straight forward.
>         I removed the electrical connections with no problem and then removed
> the lower (visable) starter bolt with a 19mm socket.  Felt around with
> my fingers and found, what I assume, is the upper starter bolt.  The
> upper comes through from the tranny side and threads into he start
> housing, or so I thought.  Got that bolt off, but the starter is still
> solid.  It won't bundge.  I tried tapping ot off with a hammar, prying
> it off with a screwdriver, serched for another mounting bolt, but the
> starter will not move.
>         Any ideas?  Any idea why I'm only getting 1v at the jumper terminal?
> Any and all help would be appriciated!!!  I want my Q back.
>         TIA,
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Paul, before you remove the starter check the ground strap behind the
ABS module.  Remove it and clean it, that was my starting problem a few
months back.  Has nothing to do with my current starting  problem
however,  replaced fuel pump, had no effect.  If anyone wants a good
working fuel pump let me know.