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RE: Thinking about buying a 91 200 Quattro Turbo (long)

> Greetings,

>I'm thinking about purchasing a 1991 Audi Quattro 200 Turbo (20V
>217hp). It's a 5sp, totally loaded (even got the hands-free Audi
>phone). It looks just about perfect and seems to be in excellent
>overall condition. Paint, body and interior appear almost new.

Best car you'll ever own......

>It's a two owner car. First owner put on 90,000 miles in three
>years, all highway. Second owner has put on 51,000 miles, mostly

>I have driven and inspected the car and observed the following:

>Pulls to the right, although not strongly. Tire pressure did not
>appear to be grossly off.

If the tires are worn, new tires and an alignment should fix it. It could
also have a bad tie rod end or as with my car, bad wheel bearings. My
bearings are making a lot of noise and the front end seems to drift a lot
more.....replacing both of them next week.....that's gonnna be an

>The temperature gauge does not work.

Simple fix, probably a sensor, about 20-50 bucks.

>The Digital display in the dash that tells you what radio
>station your on only has lines going through it (although the
>owner says it works more often than not).

Mine does that on occasion, didn't do it for a year, then it came back
recently for one or two times, but works normal other wise. Turn the car on
before the radio, let it run the check, then it will go out, then turn the
radio on, that has always seemed to help for me.

>The engine is dirty but there doesn't appear to be any leaks.

>The plastic cover for the bolts on the spark-plug wire cover are

So are mine, opps, I broke them!

>The major fluids do not appear to have been flushed ever (brake,
>power-steering and radiator). The brake fluid is dirty than I'd
>like it to be (scares me a little on an ABS car).

So change it, no big deal....

>There are complete service records for the car but I haven't
>seen them.

>Car rides well, handles well, no rattles or buzzes. Engine seems
>to idle well (although I think it may have stalled once when he
>started it after I drove it). Has a lot more power down low then
>my friends 89 200 wagon but doesn't feel quite as quick overall
>as my 86 SAAB 9000 Turbo.

If the boost isn't hitting 1.8 (mine doesn't) it's not up to full
potential....need a stiffer spring for the wastegate for mine to continue
troubleshooting. However, you'll find that it is still VERY fast when on
the highway......got to have air flow for that turbo to spin fast....

>His mileage gauge showed 18MPG average (he said he'd done mostly
>city driving since he filled it up). I saw about 28MPG at a
>steady 60 mph.

Sounds normal, the computer is a little low normally. 28 sounds a little
high, but 23-26 on the highway is pretty normal.

>So here are my questions:

>Do any of these problems sound serious? I will be taking the car
>to my friend's Audi mechanic for a complete checkup (seems to be
>very competent). Are there other things I should look for?

No, see above.

>What are common problems with this car. What things are
>unusually expensive to repair (mostly in terms of parts, I do
>almost all of my own wrenching). What do the common failure
>parts cost roughly.

Parts are not cheap, but if you do your own work (like me) most repairs are
an average of $75. Power steering hoses are 225, UFO rotors are $275 each,
pads are $180......however, how many people do you know who bring their car
in for repair and pay less than $200? I fix few problems that cost MORE
than 200, most less. I also lean towards buying parts from Audi (Clair)
because the fit right, and are much higher quality, most of the time it
will probably cost less in the long run, and a lot less hassle and fewer
busted knuckles.

>What's a good price range for the car?

For this car with 140K on it, if it was in very good shape, I would offer
anywhere from 9-12K to get a good deal. I think it will last for another
100K easy, but will need maintenance like wheel bearings, a hydraulic
accumulator, etc. However, there is no better luxury car on the used car
market which gives a bigger bang for the buck (Maybe a 90 V8......), and
you'll be in lust with it if you like cars. Never owned an Audi? You'll
never go back to a non-quattro after you expereince one......Great car for
the wet and snow!

You'll also be able to sell it easily when you get done with it, just offer
it to the list!


Paul Waterloo
Brookfield, IL

91 200q

EMAIL: 74543.407@compuserve.com