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Re: Evans (Zero-pressure) coolant -Reply

>As I recall, the original Evans cooling system also used a reverse flow water
>pump.   Pushed the 'cool' water to the head first then down the block and
>to the radiator.  Said temperature distribution along cylinder walls was more
>even.  One might have to search a very long time to find a reverse flow water
>pump for an I5 Audi. 

In racing applications, its somewhat common for water pumps to be electric
and standalone rather than bolted to the block, therefore you can have the
flow in either direction.  I'm not familiar enough with Audi engines to
determine the complexity of the installation, but on most GM engines there
are two rectangular holes in the front of the block, which you bolt over
with a metal plate, with a large diameter metal tube welded on, which you
clamp your pump hoses to.

Just a few pennies of though :)

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