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ECU connections

In message <343B927A.D8A43BF5@cardinalventures.com> "Brandon H. Hull" writes:

> I was stunned at the detail you provided in an email to Chris Wilson on
> the QList earlier this week regarding ECU connections by pin number for
> the MB engine.  Would you by chance have a similar schedule for the Audi
> 200 turbo 20V (a '91 in this case) and the Coupe Quattro 20-valve (also
> a '91) ?

Yes, but not in such a neat form.  Do you have fax?
> Secondly, I've been trying to find good sources for parts in english
> speaking markets where the S2 was sold, and came across a fellow in
> South London named Kim Collins.  His shop is called Quattro Sport.  He
> seems to do a lot with 10-20V swaps (mostly ur's) and has a small supply
> of used parts.  Have you had any experience with him?

Mr Collins is not a member of the UK quattro Owners Club, and you will not 
find any advertisements for Quattro Sport in Club publications.  I personally 
have had no dealings with him.

Note that he frequently advertises under other names or indeed under no name.  
Check the phone numbers.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club