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Re: '91 200Q: various sensors and switches

Arun asks about his '91 200q and Phil adds:

>Question: Does your '91 have the "check engine light" or the "door ajar"
>warning lights in the dash? Mine (late '91) has neither of these
>working--although the chime sounds if any door is open when ignition is on.
>Some have said that these lights are often "removed" by owners, but I
>suspect that they may be omitted by the factory--at least the "check
>engine" one.

For the record, my early '91 200q behaves just about the same as Arun's
(turbo coolant pump inop after shutdown, autocheck system erratic).
However, both the "check engine" and "door ajar" lights do work in my car.
In fact, that CE light was the first indication that my computer wasn't
working properly when Ned reprogrammed it.  Turns out, even though the chip
erased and reprogrammed "properly" at first, it really didn't.

The CE light turns on (as do just about all the panel lights) when you turn
the ignition on, but extinguishes almost immediately once the engine cranks
over (even before it starts running).  There's only one light that stays on
longer;  i believe it's the seatbelt light. 

Some 200q 20v owners have mentioned their CE light remains on after
modifications--if so, something is not right.  If your CE light is missing,
then you may be missing a clue (to borrow a phrase) to your engine &
computer health.  I have heard that on earlier 10v cars (89-90 200q)
there's an unofficial "solution" to turn off CE lights that unexplainably
remain on--by simply removing the light.  

'91 200q ia iii
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