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92 100 Auto trans

It was great to see all the encouragement pour out for. I saved most of 
the thread to reread when my tranny goes. Which is sooner than later 
according to one of our local dealers (Minneapolis, MN). Or is it? I 
bought a 92 100 with 77,000mi, clean 1 owner, that was leased and 
regularly serviced at a local Audi dealership. It appeared all of the 
service was included in the lease for 3 years. Within the first 500 miles 
of owning it I took it back  to the same dealership for an inspection and 
I'd mentioned to please check the tranny - it seemed like it was shifting 
a little hard. About 7 hours later I get a call from the service rep 
saying I needed a new transmission:$5254. I just about sh**t!Instead I 
went over and tried to corner the rep on what exactly was wrong, what 
part was broke, etc. He was in a hurry to pick up his kids or some such 
thing and kept running away from me but he did mention something about 
losing pressure, pump or seals inside shot, can't rebuild...then he 
dashed off leaving me to ponder the horror of it all.
Nah, it couldn't be true I thought. So I tracked down the service manager 
to press him for info,  options, whatever. Say it ain't so, Joe! Before I 
got into much detail with him  he launches into a spiel about how german 
cars are engineered so that you feel the shift. Owners of the big GM 
boats (as I was) think there is a transmission problem because they feel 
the shift. AH-HAA tell me more says I better yet drive the thing and tell 
me I'm no fool. He does and does. Actually he said it shifted too smooth 
and then parked and checked the tranny fluid, carefully rubbing it 
between thumb and forefinger again and again, smelling it then finally 
judging the trans OK! And the next day the mechanic who had done the 
original test drive called to say there had been a misunderstanding - my 
car really was fine. Now it's too late. I've fallen in love with the darn 
thing and will pay to keep it running. BTW I found a service notice dated 
10/1/93 about revised maintenance requirements on the differential gear 
oil level on cars with an auto trans. Anyone want to start a "dead 
tranny" pool - guessing when it will go?