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Re: 98 A4 Avant - 3rd seat

Scott Bermes wrote:
> Does anybody know if the US bound A4 Avants will have the third
> seat in the back, like the current A6QW?

Dan Masi
>I'm pretty sure the brochure says yes.

I saw the A4 Avant in the UK earlier this year.  I very much doubt
they'll come with a third seat - there doesn't seem to be enough
room (and certainly not enough depth).  I was actually pretty
disappointed in that I was expecting the Avant to address some of
the space problems I have with my sedan, but the rear seats are
exactly as tight in the wagon as the sedan, and the trunk area
(when the cover-blind is drawn) is actually SMALLER than the
sedan - approx 2 inches shorter (according to Audi's brochure)
and narrower due to the sides being filled-in more than the sedan
trunk.  Of course, you do have more height to play with, but
only if you dont mind folks seeing what you've got back there!

If there is a third seat, it'll be VERY tight.

-Mark Quinn