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96' A6 Tranny Strength

Sorry everyone,
	I'm sure everyone is sick of hearing about Audi Automatics in the
100/200/A6 body.  But after reading so much about the weakness of Audi
Auto's, I must wonder about the tranny in my Dad's A6.  Does it have the
same weakness problems that the earlier trannys do.  Also, is it even the
same tranny as the earlier ones.
	I do know, that for a slushbox, it is by far the best Auto I have
ever driven.  I'd love to drive the new Tiptronic, and I plan to soon, but
I really am curious what we can expect in a few years as we approach
80,000 miles or so.  Of course, if it goes, I spose we could always swap
in a tiptronic!! :)  
	I dont want to re-start a string.  Just got way to curious with
all those earlier posts on the failed 100 tranny.

By the way.  My 4kq is still down.  I am waiting for a thermo switch and I
need to either fix or replace the radiator.

	Todd Phenneger   aka: Zarati
	1984 4000s quattro / New Red Paint
	2.5" Borla SS Exhaust  /  Boge Turbo Gas Shocks
	15" Wheels & 205/50 ZR15 Bridgestone RE-71s
	Considering a Turbo Conversion  :)