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Re: ABS query.

>LanganFF@aol.com wrote:
>> Several weeks ago my ABS light came on permanently. Suggestions form the list
>> solved the problem, and  my mechanic replaced the 4 wires. The light is now
>> off.
>> But he tells me one sensor...I thinkthe left rear--  is not working. He's an
>> old racing driver -- Can-Am chamption 1986-- and a mechanic trained in
>> Germany. "The first thing we always did at the track was turn off the ABS
>> System."
>> He says I can drive without the one rear sensor...sine the front ones work.
>> Is this safe?  Should I drive on the higheway with the ABS off?
>> Any help appreciated. No suggestiosn to dump mechanic.He's always trying to
>> save me money and he's honest.
 turbo wrote ....

>If the one rear sensor were not working the ABS computer would turn off
>the system and turn on the Anti-Lock lamp.

Not entirely true. It takes a while for the ABS to recognize the
non-working sensor. If you are required to brake before the ABS has kicked
off, you could get a surprise in the form of longer braking distances
accompanied by ABS music.

One of my 90Q's has an improperly adjusted sensor and will not kill the
ABS, as would be expected, no matter how far I drive. I must manually do so
with the dash button. There is no problem driving with the ABS off. It's
trying to remember to push the button to turn it off before the first
attempt to brake after starting or re-starting. Be careful....it is
possible that braking response may not be predictable without all ABS
sensors active and .....with ABS on. Experiment in a safe place with ABS on
BUT as a precaution in normal driving, always push the dash button after
starting because your first stop could be before the ABS kicks off.


2 of those 1988 90Qs