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RE: Shocks again

>I would dig deeper for the Boge Turbo-gas shocks.  I had 4 installed on my
5K >wagon, non turbo, non quattro.  They have been great and are better priced

I don't think you can get them anymore at least.  I went through this not
long ago and I ended up getting Koni Reds, full set for $440 from PPI, a
Mustang parts place.  I think all you can get now for the rears for the 5k
is Boge hydraulics.  Wait, that sounds funny.  Hmmm. . .  Yeah, that is
right.  Anyway, I think Koni has also discontinued the rears for the 5k
series too now.  Everyone is discontinuing, Koni, Boge, Eibach, etc., etc.  

>labor!  At that rate it's not worth getting your hands dirty, not
tomention >looking for a spring compressor to rent/borrow.  You need to
find someone who >has the right tool (it's listed in the Bentley manual,
mine is packed away in

You actually don't have to mess with the spring at all when changing the
strut cartridges on the fronts.  Good luck.

James Fawcett
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