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Re: S4 comming to Canada?

As I posted b4, one the local newspaper, they printed that the S4 will come
to Canada, however, they didn't clearily wrote when.. but just said next
year around June or so.

about the S6, I saw 3 at the locat dealer , not sure if they are brand new
or not.

> From: Martin Pajak <quattro@rogerswave.ca>
> To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: S4 comming to Canada?
> Date: October 9, 1997 2:53 PM
> I just found out during the intro of the new Passat, that the new S4 
> will be brought to Canada.  It will be the twin turbo version 
> (according to my sources who have seen the car at the Frankfurt 
> show).
> Just thought I should share this bit with you all.
> BTW did anyone notice that Canada was also getting the old S6 while 
> States did not.  I wonder who decides.
> Later.
> Martin Pajak
> quattro@rogerswave.ca
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