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Re: substitute hydraulic oil

> I don't understand the basic cost/benefit rational behind the notion of
> experimenting with the car's hydraulic system in this way. Consider
> that the potential damage may be, say, $1K to $2K to the system, how
> could it make sense to save $6 per quart if the odds of a successful
> outcome are unknown? For example, if the odds in favor of success
> were 9 in 10, you would need to be looking at the purchase of 15 to 30
> quarts of Pentosin to have an even bet. (Please forgive the sloppy math.)
> Maybe, I'm being a bit silly with my numbers, but I do think it is hard
> to make a good case for bothering to find a Pentosin substitute.
> DeWitt Harrison    de@aztek-eng.com
> Boulder, CO
> 88 5kcstq

I have to agree and carry the arguement over to engine oil. Don't even
bother with the $2 a quart dino oil. Spend the $4 per quart to get
synthetic. Or I would even say spend the $8 and get some good oil. Let's
say you use the dino oil twice a year. That's about $20 bucks. How much
have you spent on the rest of the car in a year? Fuel, insurance, parts
etc. We are talking hundreds if not thousands. Engine oil is vital (as
are most of the other fluids). Buy the good stuff (Redline, Amsoil) and
even if it does cost $100 a year it's still a bargain, especially since
your engine will run better and last longer.
My $.02