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WTB 80-90 quattro (or a 4kcsq)

I am thinking of picking up an 80 or 90q , late eighties vintage.
Anybody have any strongly positive or negative experiences with these
cars? I don't think I  want one of the bigger Audi's and I don't really
care about speed (I'll get something else for that ^_^ ). How much
better (if at all) are they that the 4kcsq? I know with the 80q I can
save on maintenance with VW parts on the 2 liter, I like that point.
Most significant difference I can see between the 80 and 90 is the level
of luxury and the engine choice. What do you guys think? In general
listers seem to have the opinions that the 4kcsq is lighter and quicker,
but more prone to VW_Audi quirks. Am I missing anything else? Bottom
line I want Q but I want it simple and relatively care free (too much to

Thanks :^()