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Re: Shocks again

> I would dig deeper for the Boge Turbo-gas shocks.  I had 4 installed on =
> my 5K wagon, non turbo, non quattro.  They have been great and are =
> better priced than Audi OEM, even though, as you state they are the OEM =
> supplier.
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> Subject: 	Shocks again
> Just tried to order a pair of Boge Turbo-gas for the rear of my '86 5kcsTQ
> and was told they don't make them.  How bloody ridiculous is that.
> They're the OE supplier, and they make 'em for the front...rant, rant...

BTDT with my '89 100 (actually almost an '88 5KQ).

The rears are slightly different because of the Q drivetrain and
suspension changes. The shop that I went to to get all of my suspension
bushings replaced said that he could get them to fit, even though
they don't list for the Q. Just need to drill another mounting hole.

Well, we got them in, but it seems that Boge has shortened the
mounting by about 1/2", which made it just too small to fit.

Too bad. I got the Koni adjustables instead, because that's all there
was. They're "OK", but not great. Angela just got the Boge TG in her
90Q20V, and I wish they were in mine....


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