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Re: BFG Comp T/A VR4

Hairy green toads from Mars made Jim Fraser say:

> I read some threads a couple months ago on tires in general,
> and BF Goodrich's specifically.
> Now, excuse me if this question repeats any others, but what's
> the general consensus on the BFG Comp T/A VR4?
> I ran Michelin XGTV4s for about 35 to 40K miles into this fall, was
> pretty happy with dry and wet performance, and was happy with
> snow performance during the first of 2 NE winters I went through
> with them...
> Anyway, a sales guy at one of the big warehouse stores
> recommended the BFG Comp T/A VR4 for both handling and
> treadwear.  It's obvious that the treadwear index is much higher
> than the michelin (both in V-speed rating), but is there anything
> else I should think about before buying?  Do they handle well?
> Do they go through the dry stuff, the wet stuff and the fluffy stuff
> well?

Had them on my '89 100Q, and loved them. Got at least 40-50K out of
them with no unusual wear, handled great, soaked up the rain and snow.
This car is the family ski-mobile, so they got a lot of snow.

Last time, I cheaped out since the Comp T/A's were $100 each in
205/60/15. I got the Dunlop D60A2's instead. Underwhelming. When
they wear out next year, it's definitely back to the Comp T/A.

For the Coupe, you might also consider the Touring T/A. Slightly
cheaper, but hold up fine on the smaller cars. My 100Q wouldn't
like them, but they are great on Angela's 90Q20V.


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