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Re: Best Snow Tires

Amnat Choeypatkul wrote:
>      Huhhh...Igor,
>      I know you mean it is toooo damm colddddddd.
>      But, I bet ya, at -450C (or -520C) it will freeze the air you're
>      breath'in too.  :)

Well, Sir Lord Kelvin must have turned in his grave, as you just dropped below
Absolute Zero by some 177 to 247C.

Here's some Word Perfect magic: in order to turn 0C into C
press *Alt* and hold, while typing *248*. See?

As far as colddddd goes, if you wink @ -52C, your eyelashes freeze interlocked
because of the moist air in the vicinity of your eyes so that you have to take
off the glove and separate them with your fingers.
Also if you spit, you could hear it hitting the ground with a *ding*.
God forbid you need to put a new tube in the tire. You try to lay the tire iron
down and it would hang frozen to your palm. You shake your hand, the iron falls
off and you get a bleeding sore on your palm.

Even the regular 100% pure antifreeze turns into a slush. In the winter I ran
Soviet-made pure mil polar-spec *TOSOL-80*, good down to -80C.

Damn cold indeed!

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ - 18psi (TAP)
'98 A4TQ - already in the port of entry (Boston). Any day now.
Philadelphia, PA