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Re: My brakes burp!?!

At 07:27 AM 10/10/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I recently acquired an '87 5ksq w/97k miles.  The car is in immaculate shape
>in and out.  The only problem is that the anti-lock brakes burp when the car
>is rolling to a stop. Also, a small wire on a warning switch on the
>hydraulic brake booster (directly behind the master cylinder) was unhooked
>and when hooked back up causes the warning light to come on.  Is this caused
>by the hydraulic modulator or the pressure accumulator (aka the bomb)?  

1.  Reseat all 4 sensors...
2. Replace pressure switch after performing bomb check - if the light
remains on all the time its probly the switch.
BTDT x 2

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