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Hello to the list & My 'new' 200T

Hello everyone!

	Just a quickie to say hi, and to thank everyone on the list for making it 
such an interesting read (can't wait to get the mail nowadays). To give a 
brief history, I was looking for an executive motor to take me around the UK 
after coming back from the States (Sorry but I got really used to a slush box 
and a big engine over there). So the first thing to do was to look through the 
ad-mags and see what I could afford. Despair stared to set in when most cars 
were in the 5k to 7k asking bracket for an 8 - 10 year old executive coupe 
or sports etc, until I came across a small advert for an 1988 Audi 200T auto 
for 2000. Since my own personal Audi god is never THAT far away (my father) 
and, 'he that knows all'  should know the car in question quite well (He's 
currently the FD at a chain of VAG dealerships in South Yorkshire, and drives 
an A6 or A8 or whatever??  (ouch huge envy complex! <G>)) he was the 'someone 
in the know' to ask about what I should look out for. His first words were 
"what, how big is your wallet! hope you are thinking about looking after it 
yourself". But after that he gave me some VERY good advice.

1) make sure that the car has a FULL service history ...... some parts can be 
VERY expensive.
2) look out for tell tale signs of a 'boy racer' (anything modified!)
3) look out for oil leaks (checking the usual parking space is a good one)
4) examine condition of hoses (bulges, wear or cracking)
5) go for the auto (his explanation was that it wasn't as 'tweaked' as the 
6) ignore the mileage (what?? that was a bit of a shock), just make sure the 
service history matches the mileage.
7) make sure all the electronic 'extras' work 
8) make sure the were no signs of smoke from the exhaust <g>!
9) check the VIN with a dealer (him).
10) make sure it's ok'ed on hire purchase (lease) & stolen service bureau 
11) if in doubt don't (hmmm sounds like life!)

Ok, checked it all out, checked the service history, 110k fully serviced 
miles, new block & head at 70k (oil fault on the invoice), new transmission at 
84k, test drove it, pressed all the buttons, liked it <g>, bought it, and had 
it serviced and checked over properly!

After 6000 miles, I've had a few minor ;-) teething problems, The Air 
conditioning unit didn't actually blow cold (great! the only time you need 
air-con is when it gets damn hot!) this was a painless affair, just get it 
re-charged and CHECK FOR LEAKS! The lower connection to the compressor was 
loose (that's where the charge escaped!). 

2 weeks after buying it, the nice little man behind the dash played a little 
tune and held up a red card that looked like a thermometer on a red triangle 
(oops......now what)....... the radiator had split at the top. knawing of 
teeth and several calls later (them mobiles can be useful sometimes) a friend 
towed me back (luckily I was only a couple of miles away! examining the 
radiator revealed the inner core had split at the top hose connection, so 
called up my parts supply and got a new radiator (I've always had problems 
with re-cored ones) ......(after flushing the whole system) 4 hours later, it 
was fitted! (god there's an awful lot under the hood).

2 weeks later, the tail pipe let a little puff of smoke during warm up, but 
everything else was ok - boost was normal 0.5 - 1.5 seems ok for the auto. 
After another week, I didn't want to start the car near the house first thing 
- nice clouds of smoke! blown the turbo! So, after consulting the Audi medics, 
(who said they would send it to the turbo specialists) I decided to cut out 
the dealer and take it to the specialists themselves. Cost .... well if I 
could get the turbo out myself, and bring it down, recondition would be 120 
(bearings & seals) new k26 350. Looking at the job gave me the shudders - not 
much room to move a ratchet in there! so.... I chickened out and took it down 
to them. 1 day later, done, reconditioned as turbo was in good condition. and 
handed over the sum of 300. perfect!.

The good news is that i've just come back from Germany, afer visiting a work 
colegue. All I can really say is WOW. To drive the car where it is meant to be 
is something else.. The beast LOVES the autobahn. To be able to drive LEGALLY 
at speeds in excess of 70mph is trully awesome. My biggest shock is that it is 
soooooooooo stable. I can vouch that the 200 is capable of 140+ mph (my friend 
was behind in his M5, although I don't want to do it often) and is the 
purrrrrrfect car for long distances over the European road network. The heated 
seats are great for 'numb bum' syndrome and it managed a respectable 27mpg 
overall, after 2000 miles in 5 days.

now for my 0.02c worth on bits and dealers!

Buying Audi parts from an Audi dealer, isn't always a good idea. Now the 
franchises have split, try a VW garage as most of them have older Audi parts 
that they want to lose <g>. (I know my Audi god has!) or try the manufacturer 
that supplied them to Audi in the first place!

If you are really stuck, ask for a 'quattro trained engineer' most of better 
dealerships have these guy's (p.s it does cost an arm an a leg for this 
training and the certificate is a prized possesion in these dealerships) If 
there isn't one, go to another dealer!

I'm going to pop up to my Audi god's garage next week to do the front wheel 
bearings (bit of a problem with 207 lbf ft on the retaining nut and need a 
puller or two!)). Whilst i'm there i'm going to see whats been left around 
(maybe a manual on CD, a couple of microfiches or something), and get a look 
at the VAG tool for reading codes. Maybe if no-ones looking i'll look inside 
to see what makes it tick. It might be nice to make a software tool for us 
self-indulgent computer freaks that can display in english what all the MCU 
codes mean, and then make it a freebee for Q users everywhere!

Oh well, off to drive somewhere! i'm in the mood for a little drive..... who 
knows where i'll end up<g>

p.s any club meets in the midlands??

Mark Pickering
A very happy 200 owner/driver!