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RE: substitute hydraulic oil

The shop I use to work for switched from Audi's oil to the Swepco
hydraulic oil about 6 years ago and while I was still there we had no
problems with it. We never saw any increase in hydraulic system failures
in our regular customer's vehicles or any failures that were out of the
ordinary . I have been gone from there for almost 3 years now but I am
down there on average of once a week (still have my key and code to the
alarm) and they still use Swepco. We use to buy it by the gallon and
some customers, with leak they didn't want or couldn't afford to fix,
bought gallons from us to carry in their trunk. This shop has been real
cool to me and let me work on stuff down there in the off hours. They
actually let me do a clutch job on a 944Turbo and a 90Q that was part of
a labor trade I made with a roofing contractor. He and his partner got
new clutches and I got a roof on my house.
Jim D
1984 4KQ
1984 4K

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>DeWitt Harrison <de@aztek-eng.com> wrote:
>>I'm not suggesting that Gary is advocating this substitution, but the
>>general idea of avoiding the expense of Pentosin comes up regularly.
>>I don't understand the basic cost/benefit rational behind the notion of
>>experimenting with the car's hydraulic system in this way. Consider
>To which I reply:
>It's not an experiment, it's merely the difference between a generic
>equivalent and the "name-brand" stuff.  For example, I buy Gates belts
>and hoses, not Audi.  Cheep?  No, frugal --looking for good value.
>I have three audis and a vw that use this fluid and I'd like to buy it
>by the gallon without laying down a fifty for four little cans of a
>$7-10/gallon hydraulic oil.  As pointed out here before, Pentosin is
>just a particular brand of oil equivalent to Audi G002000.