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LONDON VISIT - your request for suggestions

BTW, I hope you enjoyed the 'Prospect of Whitby' pub you mentioned you
visited when last in London- it is 25 years since, as a mere youth, studying
in London, I frequented this pub; it was memorable then for the *very* rude
impromptu community singing, as well as the riverside location, but probably
the songs have these days fallen victim to political correctness. It always
was popular with American visitors.

Audi - wise, one of the two biggest UK VW Audi discount parts retailers has
its main branch near Heathrow, although not sure how much specific Quattro
stock they have. This is German & Swedish, Unit 2, Space Waye(sic), North
Feltham Trading Estate, Feltham, Middlesex, open 8am-8pm Mon-Fri. Tel +44
(0)181 893 1688 Fax +44 (0)181 893 1699. The Heathrow area otherwise IMHO is
a deeply depressing urban wasteland. Windsor Castle isn't far away, though,
and Hampton Court is also a very impressive Palace, assuming you like
historic buildings/interiors.

The National and Tate Galleries are worth a visit if you like that sort of
thing, as are the major museums - Science, Victoria & Albert (fine arts) and
Natural History. Churchill's War Rooms, in the basement of Government
buildings near Downing Street might be interesting to you. If you like
shops, Oxford Street is the hub; Harrods in Knightsbridge, though, for the
experience; Peter Jones nearby in Sloane Square for actually buying good
quality stuff. A walk up the Kings Road in Chelsea, from Sloane Square may
be amusing for the general ambience and views of trendy and poseur

If you have a free day, a rail or scheduled coach trip to Oxford isn't far
and the university colleges etc. are impressive, again if you like that sort
of thing.


David Boyd