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Re: A4 Squeak


I've got exactly the same problem with my '95 A4TQ right now. I've been at
the dealer and they are going to change all control arms because the
bushings are gone. Because of this the inside of my front tyres (and rear,
because I changed front/rear) are completly worn out (215/17/50). Next week
they are going to change all of this incl all four tyres at no cost for me.
Audi is paying! Thank God for that!

Good luck!

Perniklas Eriksson, Ystad, Sweden.

'95 A4TQ

At 22:17 1997-10-10 +0200, Jouko Haapanen wrote:
>1.	Control arm bushing gone - need new control arm (common on early A4)
>2.	Anti-roll bar bushing squeaks, new bushing P/N for very early cars
>I'd bet on 1, since 2 only occurred on about the first couple of months of
>A4 production as far as I recall, back in 1995 model year.  2 is something
>that affected cars still in your vintage - at least here in Finland the
>dealer/Audi will cover some of the costs if the warranty is expired AND the
>car has been serviced @ Audi certified service centre(s).
>Jouko Haaapanen
>> From: kkleman@vanstar.com
>> To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
>> Subject: A4 Squeak
>> Date: 10. lokakuuta 1997 18:47
>> Hi all,
>> I have an '97 A4 1.8T Quatro and am getting very frustrated, maybe
>> has been down this same road.
>> Whenever I hit a bump in the road, especially depressions, I hear a
>> from the front end of the car. I have had the car in for service three
>> times now and still have not had any luck with getting rid of the squeak.
>> As a matter of fact, the service manager keeps telling me that they will
>> check it out each time I bring the car in for regular service. At this
>> point I am getting very frustrated with the squeak. If I wanted to drive
>> bucket of bolts that sounded like crickets every time I hit a bump, I
>> have saved some money and bought a Hyundi !
>> Sorry for the ranting,
>> Karl