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Re: Roof Racks for 90 200QW (My Solution)

Thanks to the list for all the replies to my questions on
attaching rack systems to the stock roof rails on my 90 200QW.
In my search I checked with at least two dealers of both Thule and
Yakima racks. The dealers insisted that their "fit list" did not show
any attachment methods for the standard roof racks and that I should
instead just use the upper door frame mountings. 
After the responses from the list, I went to both the Yakima and Thule
dealers to check the hardware. The Yakima "DoubleCross Towers" seem to
be intended for a larger size rail than my Q Wagon's. I think it
would probably work, it just looked like too much bracket for too
little rack. The Thule #415 mount is a bit smaller than the Yakima and
seems to provide a stable solid mount for the load bar. They go on and
off easily and don't seem to harm the roof rails.
Hope this helps other QW owners.

David Ritter

89 200Q
90 200QW