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Re: re:Best way to roll fenders

At 11:25 PM 10/9/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Is this that ingenious American invention referred to in lay terms as a
>baseball bat? In deference to our British friends your cricket thing was
>certainly the precursor and inspiration for this invention; but, not round
>enough for this particular application. 

Actually, no.  As it was shown to me, it was described as an Audi factory
tool for said purpose.  It was fabricated out of some pretty hefty strap
material (.25" X 2"), and I can't recall if it was steel or aluminum (would
almost have to be aluminum or you couldn't pick it up).  It had a flange
that bolted to the wheel hub via lug bolts.  Attached to this was an arm
that extended out 18" or so, with an attached plastic wheel, like a 2" wide
roller skate wheel, that was adjustable in two directions.  The idea was
that you would adjust the radius correctly, and then bring the skate wheel
into contact with the fender lip to be modified, roll back and forth, and
run the wheel out further, repeating until the desired results were
achieved.  I'm sure a reasonably clever, handy individual could create one
themself...  The tool was reputed to have a price tag in excess of $1k...
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