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Audi has ... big fisches?

In message <v01540b00b06455a16c62@[]> johnholt@cybernet.on.ca (John Holt) writes:

> Got a fische reader (for free) but I haven't actually got the 90Q fische
> yet. This fische reader requires 4" x 6" fisches BUT now I understand that
> Audi uses fische's that are 9" x 7.5" and you can't read it with the
> smaller fische machine. Apparently Volkswagen and GM use the smaller size.
> Is this true about Audi?

Yup.  I believe the same size fiche is used for BMW motorcycles.  The approved 
viewers are made by Minox (little push-pull spy cameras?) in Giessen and are 
truly expensive.  The one I picked up at a USAF rummage sale cost me $5 - it 
lists at $1850.
> According to a building supply owner, at auctions, the smaller fische
> reader can't be given away.

Absolutely true.  I was indeed offered 100s during my search for the real thing.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club