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sport steering wheels (was: Audi recalls 900,000 cars!!)

Jim Griffin writes:
> Hmm... I think this applies to my car... so I guess I'll wait and see
> if I get a notice. I wonder if I can get them to install (probably at an
> additional cost, of course) that wonderful three spoke sport rim
> available in the A4 (you know, the one that opt> ions for $150.00), as
> an upgrade to my "basic" steering wheel with airbag? That would surely
> be nice...

Speaking of the sport steering wheel.  I noticed that in the "real" 98 A4s,
the 3-spoke sport steering wheel no longer has the "dimples" in the big
ring around the Audi logo on the horn pad.  Also, the "standard" steering
wheel is now simply a 4-spoke version of the sport steering wheel with
the same styling, except with two spokes on the bottom instead of
just one (and sans the Audi Sport logo).

Other new 98 A4 features are: Atmospheres interior theme, including
the three choices: Ambition, Advance and Ambiente.  Each of these
interior themes have a different choice of seat materials/colors
and wood trim tones.

There is also a new Audi "Concert" stereo that features a large
multi-function control knob in the center.

Other subtle changes are:

The oval "Audi" logos on the front fenders (below the side marker lights)
have been eliminated.

The instrument cluster graphics has been slightly revised: the tachometer
red line is now distinguishable at night (when illuminated); the analog
clock markings have been changed (the minute marks have been eliminated,
and digits added in the 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock positions).

New gadget: a foldable key.

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