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Fantastic shrinking Audi

I am the happy owner of a '90 V8, and the happy father of two small
boys, aged 4 and 5.  So far, so good, everybody gets a seat and a
seatbelt.  We like to drive.

A few weeks ago, the wife announced that we would be adding to the
family.  No sweat, I thought, a little cramped in the back, but the V8
(and our other car, a MB 300E) fits five fine.

Yesterday, the wife throws a curve ball worthy of John Smoltz.  Twins.
A quick review of the available transportation indicates that I don't
have a vehicle capable of safely carting six bottoms, regardless of size
and weight.

We live in the country, up a steep gravel road and need four/all wheel
drive.  The wife has vetoed a mini-van of any sort.  I think we are in
the SUV market.  As an assemblege of automotive knowledge and reflection
second to none, what is the thinking of the Q-list on the proper
solution?  Private email is fine, unless you think your observation is
profound enough to share with everybody.  Oh, and kindly pray for our

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