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Best joke I've seen in years

The November issue of Practical Classics magazine has a section covering 
modern classics, with 4 pages devoted to 'Designer Classics' - performance 
cars from the 80's, Posche 944, Lotus Esprit etc and a bit about the quattro.
The first slightly humorous bit is 'room for a family of four and luggage'
 well, alright, they dont say how MUCH luggage.

This is followed by some 'What to pay' advice. 

'A rough Audi Quattro can be picked up for a little over 1000GBP but is 
probably only worthwhile as a source of parts. Reasonable examples ready for 
use can be had for about 3500GBP, while even the best examples struggle to 
exceed 8000GBP. Short wheelbase Quattro Sports tend to go for around 15000GBP 
to 20000GBP.' 

A rough quattro for a grand? where? somebody tell me where?.
A reasonable example for 3.5k? maybe an early WR and pretty rough at that.
Best examples struggle to exceed 8k? Have they told Kirk Lane Motor Co?. Sport 
quattros at 15-20k? F***ing h*ll, forget the rough one at 1k, I'll take a 
sport please - No, make that two - hang on, I'll sell the house and buy one 
for every day of the week.
To my best recollection, in the last 4 years I have seen a total of 3 Sport 
quattros for sale, and not one was listed below 40K.

At least the buyer's guide that they published in the April issue was accurate 
and more realistic.

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro - must be a concours example judging by what I paid for it.