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Re: Fuel pump relay

Jon Meckem wrote:
> I have a question about the fuel pump relay in my 86 5ktq.  After the
> car warms up, it will not re-start, no spark and no fuel pump.I pulled > the top off the relay and noticed that when I crank the engine the
> points do not close and the pump will not run.  if I close the points > on the relay the fuel pump runs and I get spark.  

	I had a similar problem on my 4KSQ. I exchanged the entire 
	ignition sys (bloody beginner!)because there was no spark at
	the plugs only to find out that the FP-Relay as faulty.
	I couldn't believe that the pump would come on even with 
	the bad relay !!! Consider yourself lucky that your pump
	indicated that sth. was wrong.

						Good Luck !!!
						Zaf in Det