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91 100FWD-Help Cruise and Lamp Control Modules

I'm working on a 91 100 FWD Automatic.  Cruise control is partially
functioning but I've diagnosed the likely failure is the control
module.  On the 86 5KTQ it was above the driver side knee panel but not
on the 100.  Anyone know were  the  CRUISE CONTROL MODULE  is?  Help!

I'm also trying to fix the interior and footwell lights.  Overhead lamps
all work manually and not with door action.  No door lights the overhead
lamps or the footwell lamps.  I believe this is the lamp control module
but I don't have schematics or relay locations docs for this model.
Anyone know where the LAMP CONTROL MODULE is? I don't believe either of
these units is in the relay panels under the hood or above the driver
side knee panel.


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