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Free Wheel (was: New Passat)

WOW!  Nice city to psy for a wheel.  I'll tell ya' that Marion Barry sure 
ain't dishin' out any tax payer dollars to pay for cars damaged by Shi**y 
Washington DC roads!  I want to move to where your friend lives!


From: 	owner-quattro@coimbra.ans.net on behalf of Ken
Sent: 	Sunday, October 12, 1997 4:10 AM
To: 	quattro@coimbra.ans.net
Subject: 	New Passat

No, I didn't get one.  I finally saw one, tho'.  This guy that works
with my friend got one, supposedly "the first in California"
</endquote>.  I must say, it's kinda nice.  It's green with a tan cloth
interior.  It looks bigger than an A4 (they were parked right next to
each other).  He's got those 18" Carlssons on it (Yes, MBZ wheels, with
Oettinger stickers, don't ask me.) that my friend had on his A4 (the
black one you see in the JT Motorsport ad in EC).  These guys spending
habits are really bad for me to witness, they make it seem okay.

I guess that Passat and the A4 are going to the "show" thingee that's
going on at JT in Simi Valley tommorrow (10/12/97).  I doubt I'll go. 
He said there's supposed to be reps from Audi, VW, and BMW there.  Could
be (I'm a real skeptic I guess when it comes to big talk).

Oh yeah, I saw a "new Bug" on the freeway the other day going the other
way.  It looks like a TT almost.  Only saw a glimpse.  I was like, "What
the... Whoa, that's wierd."

Maybe I'll stop by JT tommorrow.  Anyone gonna be there?  It's $5 ($15
to "enter").

BTW, for all you VR6 owners, my buddy's got 4 17" Oettinger 5 spokes
with 215/40 Nitto Exit-GT's for sale.  One is supposed brand spanking
new, courtesy of the city, and the other 3 are supposed to be hardly
used (traded his GLX for the Passat).  He's asking $2k, don't know if
that's the "friend" price, I don't think it is.  (It's coincidentally
the same price as a turbo upgrade for the A4, that would complement the
TAP injectors, downpipe, and stainless mandrel 3" exhaust, and whatever
else someone might have that maybe is supposed to be a secret, but I
don't know.)


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