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5KTQ Fuel Pressure Problem?

Here is a good one that I hope someone can help me with. I have been having 
starting problems and the Audi Gods finally got me by leaving me stranded 
with a car that would not start. I happened to have a fuse with me so I did 
the fuel pump thing and cycled various components and did eventually get 
the car started and was able to drive it home.

Upon troubleshooting I discovered that the fuel pressure regulator (the 
screw in fitting in the front of the fuel distributor) had a tear in the 
o-ring. I carefully repositioned the o-ring and screwed it back in with no 
luck. Then when I took it back out the o-ring was completely disintegrated 
into hundreds of very small particles. I was able to get a new o-ring from 
my local Audi junkyard. In my infinite wisdow I then decided to flush out 
the pressure regulator bore by turning on the fuel pump with the regulator 
removed and letting the gas flush out onto the bore. I think when I did 
this I must have pushed out an internal part from the regulator bore that I 
can't find.

I also got some fuel injection lines from the junkyard and made my own fuel 
pressure gage. Well needless to say the fuel system is putting out 0.0 psi 
and I have gone over the entire system and even replaced the fuel pump just 
in case and still have no pressure.

Does anyone know what is supposed to be inside this regulator bore?  Can I 
buy a new regulator and this missing part? 

87 5KTQ