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New to list with 1989 Audi 100

Hi! I'm joining in from Manitoba, Canada. (This is the place where we buy cars
just to see if they really can start at -35 day in and day out)!
Seriously, I can't believe all the information available. Just discovered the
list last week and have hardly slept since. Went ballistic when I found the
article on replacing seat heater switch bulbs. I have been trying to find out
where to buy replacements for the past 1-1/2 years (both switch bulbs were
burnt out, pretty normal I guess considering they're hooked up to the ignition
side) and had made numerous long distance calls, but to no avail. Well,
yesterday I went to Radio Shack and paid 2.49 for the bulbs, pulled the
switches, disected them, soldered in the bulbs and could hardly wait for
evening just to see them light up! (yes, yes, my wife sometimes looks at me
It doesn't end there.
 Started looking at the other switches and relized that the power mirror and
seat memory switches should also be illuminated. You guessed it. Back to Radio
Shack for three more of the same bulbs (and coloured ones for the radio, 2
were burnt out). Took two hours to replace the total 5 bulbs and now that's it
If anybody needs any info on replacing any of these bulbs please drop a line.
I am also at John.Parry@unisys.com. I will post everything to the list.
I'm busting with questions and also hope I can be of service to somebody else
in the future. 
Gotta go check out the "lights".