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RE: Stupid questions from an Audi Newbie

>No, the 4000 never came with a 10vt, except for the Tresser 4kq's.
>Tresser was an aftermarket conversion company that would completely redo
>the bodywork and interiors on 5k's and 4k's.  Many of the Tresser 4k's
>were known to have come with 10vt's.  Alan Johnson Porsche-Audi in San
>Diego (no longer in existence) was the importer for tressers in the US.

The other US importer for Treser cars was Scottsdale Porsche-Audi, located
about 10 miles from my house ... to my knowledge, they didn't import or sell
any 4kqs with a 10vt motor in them.  In fact, according to them, only 30 or
us Treser 4kqs were imported to the US ... there's a red one in town that
occasionally comes up for sale and I actually considered buying it but the
seller wanted too much for it (or more accurately, more than I had available
at the time!).  Unlike the Treser 5ktq body kit, which IMHO looks like crap,
the 4kq actually looks pretty good ... if only the Treser wheels weren't
made for TRX tires!

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