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Re: Noisy Fuel Pump

At 07:30 AM 10/10/97 -0400, QSHIP wrote:
>Re both cars.  I believe it was Glen Powell that posted that he delayed
>replacing his pump when it got noisy.  A very detailed description of the
>shrapnel he had to purge from his fuel system.  If the schrapnel gets into
>the FD, one might wish that the FP warning should have been heeded sooner.
> Neither car takes more than 1hour to do the job.

Could this 'shrapnel' be causing my problem?

When I bought my '90 200tqw in May, the fuel pump was noisy.  I replaced
it, along with the fuel filter.  In July, it got noisy *again*.  I replaced
it again, along with the fuel filter.  Now it's noisy *again again*.

Other than replacing the d**n thing again, anybody have any

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