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Re: Stumped

turbo@mail.steelcity.net wrote:
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> Hi Jon
>         here is an idea that may help you to get your car running.Check the
> crankcase breather hoses for deterioration and consequently air leaks
> which would prevent the air flow meter from operating.
>         The best way I have found to check this is to pinch off the hose where
> it connects to the air boot.To find the connection follow the steel
> pipe(the big one that connects to the turbo)to the air boot and directly
> opposite that connection is a smaller one about the same size as a
> heater hose disconnect this hose and seal the hole,duct tape works
> well,and try to start the car.Let me know.
> turbo

Hey turbo,  Thanks for the ideas,  I went ahead and replaced the fuel
pump relay, because I was not getting any spark or fuel pump power. now
I have good spark but still no fuel pump.  I am really getting tired of
trouble shooting...  Tomorrow I guess I will check the fuses and fuse
board again, try to find out why I am not getting power to the fuel