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Re: Rear strut bearing?

Sean Upchurch wrote:
> I am replacing the suspension on my 87 4kq and was told I could use the
> front strut bearings on the rear

Which is correct.

> so I went ahead and ordered 4 new
> "front" strut bearings.  Well, I pulled the rear struts out and lo and
> behold there is no rubber around the rear strut bearing.  Am I supposed
> to cut the rubber off the new strut bearings and just use the bearing
> with the nut or am I missing something here?

I'm thinking--if you have a square-bodied '87 4kq with the 115 Hp
2.2--that your existing bearings are damaged , or were modified, in some
way. My '87 had the _blue_ strut bearings in the rear when I installed
the Konis. The blues were replaced with standard $13 bearings.

1) You _do not_ generally have to remove the trunk liner to get the seat
out. Just yank it straight up.
2) You ***NEED*** JC Whitney tool 81FZ2149N for $16. Use a grinder to
widen the gap by about 1/16". Can be used for rear ball joint and tie
rod, and front tie rod. Best $16 you'll ever spend.

> Sean Upchurch
> 87 Alpine White 4kcsQ    (Bosch H4 conv., K&N, TSW Evo's...)

Alpine white '87 90q (Bosch/Hella H4, Bosch driving, Konis), and grey
interior, like Bernie's