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re: shrinking Audi

Warren Rheaume asks about 6 passenger vehicles:

>>Yesterday, the wife throws a curve ball worthy of John Smoltz.  Twins.
>>A quick review of the available transportation indicates that I don't
>>have a vehicle capable of safely carting six bottoms, regardless of size
>>and weight.

I'd be willing to bet that a wagon with a third seat won't hold all of the
baby stuff you need, even with a luggage box on top. Strollers, portacrib,
playtoys, etc.


>>We live in the country, up a steep gravel road and need four/all wheel
>>drive.  The wife has vetoed a mini-van of any sort.  I think we are in
>>the SUV market.  As an assemblege of automotive knowledge and reflection
>>second to none, what is the thinking of the Q-list on the proper

You need big. You have two options, IMHO. Chevy 'Burban or LandCruiser.
Anything else just won't have enough space inside for you...and you've
already (rightly) nixed a minivan...just keep her away from the Chrysler
dealer, or you're done for.

Buy a 2 year old LandCruiser with a third seat, and you should be okay. I
understand that the Land Rover Discovery will be extended to allow a third
seat sometime soon, but it may not give you sufficient storage space, and
everything else is too small...

>>Private email is fine, unless you think your observation is
>>profound enough to share with everybody.  Oh, and kindly pray for our

Oh, and one final thought. Snip. :)

My wife announced that we're *done* having kids. "Snip" is the *operative*
word. :-0

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